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Spar rygg og armer fra unødvendig belasting.
Spar tid og kjøp Hyra Minigarngreier!

Hyra Garngreier 600EL 220V
Hyra Minigarngreier 400EL 220V
Hyra Minigarngreier 400EL 12V
Hyra garngreier 600H
Hyra Minigarngreier 400H

Hyra Minigarngreiers®

Developed for small-scale fishing.

Hyra Minigarngreiere® are net clearers that simplify your workday by taking on all the heavy lifting on board your boat; you wont have to ruin your back while clearing your nets anymore. 

With a Hyra Minigarngreier you can stand normally, and the net clearer does all the work.

Hyra AS focuses first and foremost on usability and quality during our production. Something which is clearly shown trough the feedback from our customers. Our models are lightweights in their size and will thus have little impact on the boats stability.   

Hyra Minigarngreier 400H® is designed for boats from 5 meters and up, whether its netfishing in fjords, as binary industry or as a hobby.  The 400H will lighten the workload considerably.

For furthermore information; check out PRODUCTS / HYRA Minigarngreier 400H

Hyra Minigarngreier 600Proff® Is costumized for boats over 7 meters. 600Proff is intended for fisher on a professional scale, with small and medium-sized fishing boats. 600Proff is bigger, more powerful, and heavier than the 400H 

For furthermore information; check out PRODUCTS / HYRA Minigarngreier 600Proff

Hyra Rigg® is developed for Hyra Minigarngreiere. Hyra Rigg can rotate 360°. The riggs bom can simpely fold down and be liftet into position. With the Hyra Rigg® and Minigarngreier folded down into to the fishingnet pit it won´t be a destabilizing factor, along the way. 

For furthermore information; check out PRODUCTS / HYRA Rigg

Reserve your back and arms from unnecessary load,

& save time.

Hyra Minigarngreiere



Hyra Minigarngreier 400H and Hyra Rigg assembled and ready to go 

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