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The Orgin Of Hyra As

I formerly worked as a fisherman, and a net-clearer has always been a necessity. Now that I fish on a much smaller scale, my boat of choice has also become smaller. 

For me, safety at sea is important, and a heavy net-clearer will be to heavy and therefore be  a destabelizing factor for a small boat. Wich is something I don´t want at all.

But the lack of a net-clearer was very clear from day one; when my back would start aching every time I had to clear through all of my fishing nets.

I quickly begun the search for a size fitting net-clearer, but found none that fit my workingscale. "Just make one yourself" said my wife when I complained of the lack of smaller net clearers on-the marked. That´s when this journey begun, the idea of making a size fitted net-clearer for small scale fishing like mine. I am not good enough with welding myself, but came into contact with a creative welder and mechanic, a man who was extraordinary in his field.  I asked if it would´ve been possible to make a net-clearer like this, small and light, and costumeized for my needs. And the answer was "Yes, of course". The fall of 2018 then went on to finding the right material, designing, and keeping the aquiptment functional and strong.

The testing was done under the winterfishing season of 2019, onboard my 6 m long, shark, Liljen, the hard work got so much lighter, as well as I felt a big workload was lifted from my back, everything went smoother and faster with my Minigarngreier for support.

The net clearing wich had always been the heaviest part of the job on board, went so smoothly with the new addition, and my arms and back was no longer aching after a long day.

At this point I had not even considered that this was a product that I was gonna keep producing for other fishermen in the same situation, I had designed it purely for myself and that was all i had planned for it. But then various fishermen in my local community started to reach out, to ask about my Minigarngreier, and it became clear to me that there where many more who too was in need of such a small scaled helping aquiptment. 

That's when Hyra Minigarngreier 400H became something, and this is why it´s now available on the market.

And that´s why i from my own experience can recommend Hyra Minigarngreiere for other smallscale fishermen out there, to lighten the workload on shore considerably. 

Osvald Bakke
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